Thursday, April 10, 2014

Need to View Files from your Chrome Cache? Here's a Solution!

Here's a great solution to a problem that I was about to solve the hard way. I was trying to retrieve some images (just the images) from a web page I had visited in Chrome.

(They were wrapped in a design that wouldn't allow just right-click, then save as. And, yes, I had a good reason for needing them... it's a long story regarding my church's flaky web provider.)

In Chrome, if you type "about:cache", it brings up a list of the files the browser has recently loaded. When you click on them, though, you see a large HTML file with a hexadecimal code in the body. This is true even for binary files like .jpg or .png.

Senseful Solutions has posted a great little tool for translating the hex back into pages (or, in my case, images): Viewing Chrome cache (the easy way).

This is what programming is all about: making people's lives easier by creating elegant solutions to everyday problems.

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